Wordless Saturday : Pink beauty



A new hobby

Remember that girl in geography whose maps always look like a new country…one that doesn’t exist? Well…that was me! All my animals were the almighty amoeba or indescribable things that onlookers would have to peer for quite a while. My sister…sisters actually were blessed with elegant drawing/painting abilities and I admired from a distance. You see, I have always been the one to run away from anything to do with drawing or painting.

At one of the markets, a lady was selling simple and elegant cards with beautiful water colours at a whopping $25 a piece. I was in love but I couldn’t justify that purchase. Plus I pride myself on being a DIY chica 😀

So…off I went to load up on some colours and the brush set from my favourite store – Ikea. I had some card stock lying around and practiced….some many fails and one triumph!


Ohhh! That penmanship gives me the shudders!


Started out as a rose, ended as a tulip bud? Jury’s still out on that one!


My favorite of the lot!


2nd favorite! This is the card I finally gave my FIL!

There might be something in it for me, after all!

What do you all think?

Also, 4 years since I signed up for a WordPress account. Thanks for the reminder WP!

Happy birthday to us! Cheers!


Flatlay (my first) – Green with envy

As the weekend approaches, I tend to take things easy. In terms of my blog I feel Tuesdays are for introspection and Thursdays for fun, frolic, fashion! I’ll see how long this feeling lasts! Hmph!

About flatlay – I have seen some bloggers doing this and just LOVED it! I so want to do OOTDs but don’t have the guts yet. Flatlay is the next best thing! You can show off your clothes + accessories without the tension behind that perfect OOTD….here’s my mini flatlay attempt!


Top from Rockmans / Earrings & Bangle from Lovisa

*lame joke alert*

Are you green with envy?


Nostalgia Diaries : Infosys

I am 1 month shy of completing 2 years of resigning from Infosys and there’s a lurch in my heart like no other! Not a single day goes by without me reminiscing about those wonderful days.

Re-posting an excerpt from my ex-blog about completing 3 years at Infosys….I would do anything I could to go back there…and live out my life feeling content!

3 years at Infosys

I was travelling in the Volvo bus today, chanced upon another conversation between 2 girls, freshers, from a IT company.

I am starting to feel snoopy. Bad, bad Vaishnavi

Girl 1 : today…you know what Rahul said?
Girl 2 : huh?
Girl 1 (repeats, haltingly) : today…you know what Rahul said?
Girl 2 (again) : huh?
Girl 1 : forget it!
Girl 2 : shape tegi beda, hele sumne*…and the conversation about Rahuls continued.

*Translation : don’t embarass me, just say it (in Kannada)

This easy camarederie between friends who have just turned colleagues brought back some memories of my own – when I joined Infosys with 4 classmates from my PG Institute.This is in part a nostalgic post, please bear with me (grins)

I completed 3 years of Infosys yesterday. I have conversations galore but none as candid as what I have with my school or college buddies. That’s probably the diference…”buddies”; whereas colleagues remain just that – colleagues. Very rarely do they progress to being friends or buddies. And why is that?? I asked myself…

When you travel in a bus you not only have your own bag on you lap, but also ask someone who’s standing to handover their’s. A person, with absolutely no common friends/interests becomes your friend, only because they take the same bus back home, public transport notwithstanding. In a company bus, you turn away, look intently into the phone, listen to music or stare outside the window rather than strike a conversation or ask someone to handover their bag. It is amazing how one can turn away from obviously pregnant women, really tired looking people instead of doing the right thing…err the ethical thing.

A friend/classmate thumps you on the back, mocks you at mistakes, give you stupid, wierd nicknames (believe me, I know this one well). Work life offers you policies on grounds for an ASHI case (Info-scions know what I am talking about) over a simple cup of coffee. It’s a different issue if coffee isn’t the only thing discussed.

I wonder what changes us…from the happy-go-lucky people to a grim, bordering on selfish, cribbers…in plural. Why are we interested in someone’s else promotion/hike? Were we all fired up when our friend received the Best Student Award? Or was chosen for class prefect? Why did we lament when a peer was offered a promotion? A “congrats” will make his day, raise your dignity and amaze you with your own reticence.

I think it is how we view it – our perception; rather than what happens to us. How we choose to handle it rather than a knee jerk reaction to the situation at hand. I once read this in a book “there are always other seas to fish” and I believe that is right. If not this one, there are always other places/areas to succeed. If this is not your forte, you’ll know it after the 3rd, 18th or the 1008th mis-step 🙂

My ex-boss always told me – let me understand – and would recap the situation in his own words. When I hear his version of things I always felt better at the situation.

On the brink of my 4th year, I pray for poise in difficult situations, dignity in the work I do, reticence in my actions and direction towards a beautiful path. Thank you Infosys for the foundation, I hope to go miles from where I stand, but you’ll always be my stepping stone.

Visiting : Werribee Zoo

I missed the “Visiting” series….it’s been so long since we were out on a break I think!

Hubby whispering – what about all the ‘short trips’ we went on? 

Oh…hush! I didn’t take photos, so they don’t count!!!!!!

Well…maybe we did go out but the Maami was too lazy to take proper pictures or she wasn’t up to it! Sorry guys! But we did go to the Zoo and this is probably the first time I am getting this close to animals after say….10-15 years. The last zoo expedition was when I was in my 5th standard….which was…lets just say eons ago!

Also, not very many pictures because I was too busy slurping on the ice cream under the hot hot sun!

IMG_7030 IMG_7032 IMG_7034 IMG_7036

This giraffe was scarily close to our bus!

IMG_7042 IMG_7043 IMG_7044

Yes, it was one gorgeous day!


IMG_7048 IMG_7049

Maami Cooks : Lemon cupcakes with chocolate frosting

My husband’s idea of an ideal weekend is – eat in, stay in bed, watch marathons of our favourite movies or episodes of Arrow and the Flash! OMG have you see Stephen Amell & Emily Richards…I LOVE them. And how delish is Brandon Routh. He makes my heart sing….am I getting off topic?


My idea of an ideal weekend is – shopping and eating out, visiting a nearby attraction or the numerous markets/fests around here that Melbourne is famed for.

You see what’s happening here?? A disconnection of epic proportions. Most times we agree on how we want it to be. We are out one day out – Friday nights and Saturday (see, I cheated) 😉 and one day to stay in (Sunday).

Some days we agree on staying in and munching on home baked goodnes….which finally FINALLY brings me to these delicious, spongy, soft and tangy cupcakes with just a hint of chocolate thrown in.


I won’t detail the recipe and the method. Dassana Amit has done it so well in her blog – Veg Recipes of India – and my efforts will just seem puny. You can head over to her post on lemon muffins for the recipe.

I just wanted to show you how it turned out. She’s a professional but someone like me, an amateur at baking can also do this. And that’s all I wanted to say about these.

I added 3/4 cup of water to make the batter slightly more watery and make cupcakes instead of muffins. That’s the ONLY alteration from her recipe.

Okay, okay, I wanted to show off and display my piping skills as well!


Happy baking everyone! I am off to enjoy my week with a Arrow episode and a warm quilt. Bliss!