A list for Summer – 1st edit


I love lists and I feel so accomplished when I cross the to-do’s on my list! At any given point of time I have about 3 books with lists for different purposes – blog, job hunt and personal (right now) – apart from my grocery and shopping wish-lists. Keeps me in focus! When I delve at the unfairness in my life, I go running to my lists for a reminder of what I have done and what I aspire to do. Recently, my husband and I were discussing our summer goals. He said where’s your summer must do list? I was so floored! He said he loves reading through the ones I want to do together! Gosh! Isn’t that amazing?

Wait…does that mean he’s reading my diary too??

Update : I have accomplished some of this! Yay….update to that! Yayyyyy! YAYYYYYYYY!

  1. William Ricketts Sanctuary – we started off for the sanctuary one Saturday on a very cold morning. Radio informed us of possible snow at Olinda and we diverted our route for some hot pies at Pie in the Sky because we couldn’t do the snow this year as well. Next winter to snow….better fitness!
  2. Tasselar Tulip Festival – I didn’t give this one much thought but when I saw the pictures on FB feeds, I was so jealous. This year, I definitely want to go!…….DONE! It was beautiful
  3. OOTD posts on the blog – I have been plotting this for so long now but I don’t have the guts for it. I will get there some day and hopefully soon….I am seriously considering replacing this with Flatlay posts!
  4. A picnic in the Botanical Garden – I want to make a food basket of fries(!), burgers, lemonade, a book and a rug for a picnic under Melbourne’s shady trees overlooking the pond…bliss!……DONE! It was beautiful. Although we bought the food at Lord of the Fries! OMG! Have you tried their fries? It’s deliciuos!
  5. Walk around Albert Park – anybody who knows me must think this is a joke! But I am serious and I want to complete the full walk around Albert Park…..all 5.5 kms of it…ambitious much?
  6. A day out at the beach – ohhh! Who doesn’t like this? I used to run off to Chennai for my beach fix, but we have one in our suburb. Literally the backyard. I hope its many days and not just ‘a day’…..we are at a 5 day vacation right in the backyard of the 90 Mile beach….how cool is that! So this is DONE!
  7. Better fitness – yeah, yeah! This one is a bore but a necessity. Enough said!…..I am exercising for the last 30 days w/o fail and also calorie counting on My Fitness Pal….this counts isn’t it?

Those are the must dos for me. I am also hoping to visit a few of the markets around here and enjoy the sunshine with 3-inch sunscreen. Melbourne, why you no have ozone??

What’s on your list?


Visiting : Ballarat Begonia Festival 2014

**Picture heavy post alert**

Ballarat’s tuberous begonia festival was in March this year. In the glorious (hot) days of summers. For my MIL, it’s a tradition to go there every year. For me, it was my first flower of any kind (I have never been to the Lalbagh flower show. I know, traitor!)

It was a beautiful day. A summer day. But then I repeat myself. It seems like I have forgotten what that means, looking at the grey-misty clouds now. Just enjoy the visuals and I hope it springs the summer back in your mind like it did to me 🙂

There was live music, food, wood works, activities for children, freebies for visitors and free tram rides on some really old trams. We made a picnic out of it and loved the day despite the parking 2 kms away problem! Seriously, what’s with Melbourne parking spaces? The cheaper ones are so faaaaar away and the nearer ones are close to $100 for 5 hours :()

Come in...We am only the start

Come in…We are only the start


See what I told you?

See what I told ya?



My MIL…a pretty flower among so many others!



Aich! Another flower too! Modesty anyone?


Okay..time for a couple selfie :)

Okay..time for a couple selfie 🙂


Our purchase!  Hubby is pointing to a HUGE begonia among others!

Our purchase!
Hubby is pointing to a HUGE begonia among others!


Hubby (in his mind) – How can her trip be complete without shopping?

Me – where/what do I shop for?

Purchase! How can any trip be complete without shopping?

A souvenir purchase – a kangaroo by the Ballarat Woodworking Assoiation

Ballarat’s begonia festival also hosted a pine wood working workshop for kids and adults by the Ballarat’s Woodworking Association (I think I got the name right!). Hubby and I peeped into the tent and decided it was for people with kids, but then the usher outside said it was for everyone. We could choose between a bird feeder (we are I am not bird people), book case (maybe not, when we have eReaders) and a tool box. We chose the tool box because I found that easier than the others 🙂 +++ it was a free event! Thumbs up already!

Hammering away!

Hammering away!


Hubby to the rescue and detailing!

Hubby to the rescue and detailing!


Our proud moment!

Our tool box, isn’t it perfect???



I found a sand pit for the children. What a beautiful thing for the tiny tots to enjoy!

Camel shaped walkers  Entertainment!

Camel shaped walkers 🙂

We have covered entertainment, handicrafts, play. Now onto some food.


Sausages roasted on a car bonnet?


Indian Tea House A fancy place with cute cushions

Tea House
A fancy place with the cutest cushions to sit


I picked the raspberry drink because it’d match my dress. My husband and the shop guy looked askance and gave it to me. Now that I recall, they nodded at each other. Something to the effect – women!

Cooling away in the sun! A pink coloured drink, matches the tee :)

Cooling away in the sun!

And that’s a wrap! Thanks for the patience. If you have a chance, please do go! Its a beautiful day trip.