Wordless Saturday : Angel Falls, Victoria



New Year wishes!


Maami in Melbourne wishes everyone a happy new year!


Merry Christmas!


Maami in Melbourne wishes her readers a very merry Christmas!

Season’s greetings!

2nd innings


Remember this post? Seems like eons ago…because I am back in Infosys “sommersaults” and its been 3 months of yet another amazing journey…cheers for more to come!

Nostalgic Diaries : Infosys

How did it happen?

I was working on a contract for a Melbourne company when a ex-colleague told me of an oppurtunity in Sydney. My eyes glowed but was tamped down by the fact that it was in Sydney and not Melbourne.

My husband looked at me and said – why not?

I was like – how will we live? Our entire family is in Melbourne? Your job is in Melbourne?? and I am the Melbourne Maami 😉

He insisted – look at yourself, you are glowing, your eyes have this shine and you haven’t been that way for ages now.

Infosys has been a love that I missed a lot.

He’s a keeper I tell ya!

We took the plunge. Logistically I house share and have half my heart back in Melbourne.

In some parts I have re-discovered what I had in Bangalore. It is tamped down by the fact that I miss my husband somewhat fiercely.

I thought weekends that I spend in Sydney would be a pain. After cooking in gallons for the week, I wouldn’t know what to do with myself.

But…what a revelation it has been! Weekends that I spend in Sydney are spent in laundry (sigh), buying groceries and organising my other tasks that fall to the way side during the weeks.

This sojourn is teaching the forgotten art of making new friends. I realise how important it is to have a circle of friends you can call upon. How important it is to share a laugh with someone other than family, to have a helping hand in moving, to have that one friend who knows someone who knows someone and their aunt’s cousin wants a room-mate/house-mate.

And just imagine having 2-3 hours to yourself to introspect and plan your week. How many people have that luxury?

When weekends are spent in Melbourne hubby and I am cramming moments of a fortnight in 48 hours. We have re-discovered things to do together that we enjoy. Buying a bottle of milk is a moment of happiness. My relationship with him certainly has some new dimensions. It is true that the heart grows fonder when you are away. Those small irritants melt away (why did you keep the coffee cup in the car?)

Husband also thinks I am more confident. Yay to that!

My wallet now consists of 2 important cards – Opal card and the ID card

Jetstar is my new best friend, accumulating something like a zillion miles on the rewards card!

People give you more space when you have only 2 nights every fortnight with the husband

Working with a new team, in a new dimension and a different country educates you on the new facets of work culture

I have learnt some quick cooking skills that my mother will frown upon 😀

Indian food services are also speed dial (more frowns from Mom)

New city = new places to explore = more together time with the husband

Looking forward to the husbandman joining me here soon…wish us all the best!



Signing off because my veggies are simmering. Catch you all soonest!