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Merry Christmas!


Maami in Melbourne wishes her readers a very merry Christmas!

Season’s greetings!

2014 – the year’s ending

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Source : Google

8 days to go for 2015! Gosh! Where did the year go? Isn’t that what we always think?

Not I, not in this instance. I know how it whizzed by, I have lived every moment of it with hope and anticipation. To me the end of the years heralds nostalgia and hope for the new year. It has always been bitter sweet. Its a time for introspection, for some quiet me time and for rehashing some of my fondest memories.

  1. My mother and Aunt’s visit to Melbourne – I was desperate for a face from home. It bought me immense joy during the stay and equal pain when they returned
  2. Travel – loved travelling with my husband. Visited different sights in Melbourne, Dandenong, Ballarat, Geelong, Great Ocean Road, Wilson’s Promontary, Squeaky beach. Waiting for the road trip to Adelaide. It was an eventful year. Looking forward to exploring more
  3. My first drive to the nearby market – oh! the joy and freedom of driving had eluded me till now. No longer, my friend, no longer 🙂
  4. My first return to Bangalore after the wedding – I was overjoyed about going back to Bangalore but I was positive about a sense of homecoming. I wasn’t prepared for the things that happened. This trip itself changed me like no other, bought about a change that changed me. From daughter to wife. More on that in a post of its own 🙂
  5. Starting this blog – my outlet to express what I am going through. My outlet to vent my feelings. My space on the world wide web. My own personal utopia. Thank you dear blog, you are a blessing!
  6. Boxing day sale – technically that was last year, but the excitement I saw there is still with me. I can’t wait for the next Boxing day sale – 4 days to go! Yayyyy!
  7. Being a housewife – you all read about it, I am certainly thankful for this phase. But then, now I am ready for the work phase. Give me a job already!
  8. Cooking – loving it so far! More to come 🙂 More to explore
  9. Christmas – oh! I have seen Christmas in India, but Melbourne celebrates it with an enthusiasm that I hadn’t seen before. It’s a summer Christmas rather than the white Christmas I always visualized. The sales, the decorations, the happiness and the frenzy is something to be experienced. You must see it to believe it.

I am overwhelmed. I can’t wait for my end of the year trip to Adelaide, 2 days to go! Yayyy! And for the new year. Double yayyyy!