Maami Cooks : Lemon cupcakes with chocolate frosting

My husband’s idea of an ideal weekend is – eat in, stay in bed, watch marathons of our favourite movies or episodes of Arrow and the Flash! OMG have you see Stephen Amell & Emily Richards…I LOVE them. And how delish is Brandon Routh. He makes my heart sing….am I getting off topic?


My idea of an ideal weekend is – shopping and eating out, visiting a nearby attraction or the numerous markets/fests around here that Melbourne is famed for.

You see what’s happening here?? A disconnection of epic proportions. Most times we agree on how we want it to be. We are out one day out – Friday nights and Saturday (see, I cheated) 😉 and one day to stay in (Sunday).

Some days we agree on staying in and munching on home baked goodnes….which finally FINALLY brings me to these delicious, spongy, soft and tangy cupcakes with just a hint of chocolate thrown in.


I won’t detail the recipe and the method. Dassana Amit has done it so well in her blog – Veg Recipes of India – and my efforts will just seem puny. You can head over to her post on lemon muffins for the recipe.

I just wanted to show you how it turned out. She’s a professional but someone like me, an amateur at baking can also do this. And that’s all I wanted to say about these.

I added 3/4 cup of water to make the batter slightly more watery and make cupcakes instead of muffins. That’s the ONLY alteration from her recipe.

Okay, okay, I wanted to show off and display my piping skills as well!


Happy baking everyone! I am off to enjoy my week with a Arrow episode and a warm quilt. Bliss!

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