DIY – Simple Tassel Key Chain


We recently purchased a pre-owned blue Swift and it came with an extremely boring industrial key chain. Not that I was expecting the car dealer to tag on a uber cute one but I couldn’t carry that around. I mean my key chain is a symbol of identity of sorts and no DIY-er chica wants to carry this right??


Stuff you need

  1. Woolen yarn
  2. Scissors
  3. A key ring
  4. A piece of hard cardboard (optional) I used my hand

How to

  1. Wrap woolen yarn around the hard cardboard or your hand about 30-40 times or as thick as you desire to be
  2. Leave a small length of yarn behind for tying up the ends
  3. Ensure that you don’t squeeze it mid way, because the tassel will end up with uneven ends
  4. Once the desired thickness is achieved, cut 2 15cm yarns (you can use a totally different one for contrast)
  5. Remove the yarn from the cardboard/hand and tie one of the ends around the other side
  6. Secure it tightly with the 2nd yarn
  7. Insert the key ring at the top
  8. Loop your keys and have fun

Wasn’t that easy-peasy??



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