In my Closet : Pandora’s 3 Leaf Necklace

Pandora – a brand of jewelry that’s so whimsical….I have always wanted a bracelet from them with meaningful charms and 2016 seems to be the year for it! I was coveting this piece from the catalog and bought it on a whim!



The chain is slightly smaller than what I’d like. Its about 20 inches which sits just on my collar bone, unlike the model where it falls further down. I love the slight sheen it has, its so subtle that you wouldn’t notice it otherwise. Its very much like marcasite (or maybe IT IS marcasite) and I just don’t know about it, lol. I just know its made of silver 🙂

Luckily for me the pendant doesn’t catch the light in sunshine but is brilliant at night. Just this one piece can totally transform a simple dress, I have worn it with a black plain dress and a printed tee, both times this chain stood out. The best part is, you don’t even need earrings, the chain is good enough – hair tied up or left loose around your shoulders.

Its teams so well with all the winter layers 🙂


A closer look!

Loving it!!

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