Loyalty and Reward card library – Stocards


Typical scenario when I go shopping

Me : Uhhh…I have forgotten my card at home, can you find my name on your database?

Store Lady/Man : Sure, no worries. Can I have your name please?

Me : Vaishnavi Nagaraj

Store Lady/Man : Can you spell it for me please?

Me : V A I S H N A V I…..blah blah blah

Recently, while this scenario repeated itself for the nth time in my life, at Spotlight; a friendly store lady said that I should check Stocards – an iPhone/smart phone app that stores all rewards-loyalty-membership cards on your phone, along with the bar code and you can use the phone to swipe. Now, that just stuck me as genius! I had never guessed you’d have an app for this! I thanked her profusely and off I went to download it.

The app is free on the App Store (others need to check Google Store and such) for their versions. It’s got a very cool upload system. Below is a pictorial tutorial (not that you’d need one, but I couldn’t help myself) for the app and how to upload. Its fairly easy, open the app, select the store and point the camera to capture the  bar code. Right! Onto the tutorial


1. That’s the first screen. You can see all the cards I have already uploaded onto the system, but for first time users, it would be blank. Yeah! You didn’t need me to say that to you.

2. You can filter the stores by alphabet if you have a zillion cards like me 🙂

image2 (2)

3. You have a whole list of stores that you can add. You have to go into the ‘Settings‘ to select your region in case you want a different country. I checked out India. They have Westside, Lifestyle Inner Circle and Bata even 🙂


Point the card with the bar code and the app captures the information. You can see the options for no-bar code and manual entry of the membership number.

The best thing is it has the latest catalogs for the stores you have listed under “Offers”. So you also hear about sales, that specific lipstick on 1/2 price at Priceline or the cutlery set in Myer at 70% off – you will be the first to hear about it.

Go, store your cards on Stocards

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