Adelaide Diaries – Day 3

Day 3 started off with a runny nose, a humdinger of a headache and fever. Oh! and not to forget the chills! I almost cancelled the activities for myself and wanted to ask our friends to go ahead. But then, we couldn’t resist the charm. So here’s what we did!

Activities : Dolphin watch cruise with Temptation Sailing

Duration : 4 hours almost. We boarded at 7.20AM and were off the boat at 11.30AM

Sights seen : cannot be put into words, see for your self.

That first sight

That first sight

Swimming towards us

Swimming towards us




Hello there!


This sight alone was worth waking up at 4AM for

Us = hot & cold

Us = hot & cold

Temptation Sailing - LOVE D IT

Temptation Sailing – LOVED IT


Nature’s diamonds strewn all over the sea 🙂

Oh, Temptation Sailing takes pictures of the entire and you can buy the USB for $25. Isn’t that a real cute USB? I guess we bought the entire thing for the USB alone.


After this, we marched over to the CBD and shopped. I also found a person there, playing the Didgeridoo. A good good day!

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