Adelaide Diaries : Day 1

24 degrees, 8 hours, 710 kilometres, 4 stops in between for breakfast, lunch and 2 pit stops for juice, snacks, ice cream etc

Now that we have facts out of the way, let me explain.

Drive : The drive was amazing. Initially we felt 8 hours seems too long. But throw in some chips and chocolates, paneer sandwich as breakfast, friends and gossip into the mix (not to forget 2 long snooze fests) I think we reached there before we realized. I was dreading the trip because I am not one to stay awake even in a 45 mins journey and I had friends that we were travelling with for the first time. I was sure I’d be mortified if I managed to snooze with loud snores (thank God, that didn’t happen).

The route is picturesque but dry. I mean, if you travel from Melbourne to Wilson’s Prom or Great Ocean Road you are surrounded by greenery on all sides. But from the word go, the route was dry and varying shades of brown. We drove past Barossa Valley and by-passed Hanhdorf for a visit the last day.

We started the journey at 8AM and reached Adelaide at 5 PM. That seems long but it wasn’t. It was a good good day, in terms of weather 🙂

Accommodation : We stayed in Breakfree Adelaide, right next to the University and in the CBD. Considering we brainstormed, booked and traveled in less than 1 week, this place was a great find. The apartment had 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom and kitchenette for the 4 of us. The rooms were tiny and the kitchen tinier. What irked us was the 1 bathroom and 4 adults to get ready in the morning. Yeah, slightly difficult.

We dumped our luggage in the apartment and headed to the CBD, via Chinatown for a stroll. Being Christmas Day, everything except the 24/7 stores were shut and minimum number of people. The bus gave us a free ride to the City Centre fountain where we found a giant Christmas tree and a small fountain.

Food : Breakfast was paneer bhurji in a sandwich and peanut butter & nutella sandwiches. Along with Pink Lady apple juice. Lunch – yummy lemon rice with chips, curd rice and pickle. Dinner – yummy-er food noodles and spring roll. On board service (the other eats during the service) – chips, murukku, sweets, ice cream and chocolates. What else do you need?

Sights seen : the Giant Koala, Adelaide CBD, the Giant Christmas Tree, the cute fountains, walk down Chinatown (was the only place with some activity)

Now, go on and check out some pictures. Happy ogling!

The Giant Koala

The Giant Koala

Oh! look! 2 teddies in fashionable wear ;)

Oh! look! 2 giant teddies in fashionable wear 😉

The Giant Christmas Tree in Adelaide CBD

The Giant Christmas Tree in Adelaide CBD

Christmas Tree @ Breakfree Adelaide Are those presents for me??

Christmas Tree @ Breakfree Adelaide
Are those presents for me??

Note to self : better photographs next time around please!


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