Tunnel vision

Picture 158_1


You see something and you want it; no, you need it. It might be a small piece of paper, jewelry, an idea, a trip or even a vague something that exists in your mind. Here, we are not talking about the goal and dreams you have but mostly about a fanciful notion that you have to need to achieve for your satisfaction.

Is that a well thought out idea? Or did it just catch your fancy and is not letting go? Is it all-consuming? I can’t think beyond getting to that. Now, that’s tunnel vision in my dictionary.

We are not talking about chasing a dream but having a narrow vision to achieving that one idea! Its so all-consuming for me that I find it extremely difficult to still my wandering mind in sleep, the result of which is sleep talking. Like, the amount I talk while awake isn’t enough :0

I have had tonnes of such ideas, ranging from how my maaang tikka in the wedding has to be, the specialization subjects in my masters program or how a particular dupatta should fall…sigh! If your spouse is not well acquainted with this feeling, it can make for some interesting conversations.

Why should the curtain be yellow? Why can’t I wear black shirt on blue jeans? Why does the mouse pointer be on the far right and not anywhere else?

Do any of you ever feel that way?

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