The White Canvas shoe

The last couple of days I have been obsessed with making an exorbitant purchase from Michael Hill. Its been plaguing my mind for weeks. My husband and I have plotted various ways and decided to visit the store today before making the decision.

I now realize that was wrong. Because I have been visualizing myself to have an elevated sense of myself, thanks to the ownership of a piece of metal. Because I have done exactly what the author did here, visualized myself with it a thousand ways and a sense of goodness creeps over. Although there are no fiscal shackles, the feeling of goodness due to the fact that you own something is not a nice feeling to have. This post drives home the fact that it is not things that make us, but ourselves.

Thank you for this lesson. This came at a time I needed to hear it 🙂


Often we tend to buy things that we feel would define us.  A pair of jeans of this brand, a shirt of this color, or a lip gloss of a particular shade.  We are often told things like “oh that dress fits you beautifully”, or “Red is definitely your color”. Our personality is associated with all the “attributes” that are responsible for defining us.

We tend to get comfortable thinking that way, or giving in to buying “things” because it’s so “us”. Once we start letting such “things” define us, what happens to us? I, for one who loves to buy clothes, accessories, books or anything pretty should know. I am asking these questions out loud, because I am still trying to figure this out.

When I became a parent, I had to be a little more careful about what is “wanted” Vs “needed”. It was a great time to…

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