Maami Eats @ Denny’s Kitchen, Geelong

Denny’s Kitchen

National Wool Museum, Cnr Moorabool & Brougham Sts, Geelong, Victoria, 3220



You know how you decide to do a take-away and suddenly decide that you have HAVE to have a sit-down meal? The place pulls you in, makes you cosy and want to curl up with your special someone for a nice meal without the frills, the false air? That’s Denny’s Kitchen for you!

Located in the National Wool Museum building, this place is cosy, warm and serves authentic and delicious Italian fare. After a long work day, my husband and I headed to Denny’s for a quick takeaway. But that would have been a miss on one of our dinner experiences. It was warm, relaxing, great conversation, the ambience was just right for a friday night and too loud! Now, that’s something I totally appreciate with any place.

They explain themselves to be a simple place offering peasant style Italian fare, don’t go by the definition. Yes, there are no difficult-to-pronounce names for the food, but the food is simple DELICIOUS! DELICIOUS! and more DELICIOUS!

We decided to throw in the gauntlet and do an all vegetarian meal, considering I am vegetarian. My husband usually indulges in his chicken, but then he was in a very accommodating mood that day 🙂 Hmmm….we were talking about the food and the restaurant, weren’t we?

For our drinks, we ordered a lemonade that we gulped down real soon, sorry no pictures 😦


IMG_6071Now, when I am involved in the company, fries always make an appearance! These were yummmmm…..just the right warmth and sprinkled with parmesan and basil. A hint of thyme and lime I guess, but obviously the chef wouldn’t tell me anything 🙂


 The pizza….now I have had pizza at Big Brother’s, Crust, Little Italy (India), California Pizza Kitchen (India), some places in the US, Maldives and once in the Heathrow airport. Seldom do you find something that’s just right, the crust the exact proportion of soft and crunchy and the toppings flavourful. I am not fussy mind you! But this makes the list of those really good ones that I have had! I loved it! This particular pizza was not on the menu, but customised for us; what with all the no mushrooms, no egg restrictions.


Asparagus? What’s that I said? My husband glared and said it’s a vegetable. If you have never tried it, you simply must and this risotto was the perfect start. It was cheesy, full of the flavours of asparagus and basil. I mean, you could seriously taste the basil and asparagus and the cheese was amazing. It was cheese-heaven. The portion size was also real good, we were quite full with the fries, drinks and pizza. We struggled to complete this one but couldn’t stop ourselves from shoving it into our mouths. Oh! This had walnuts, must try!

We didn’t order dessert. We were too full! But they’d chocolate pizza with strawberries on the menu that day! Sigh! Another time, I’d really love to try that one out!

Go here and don’t miss. They make good on all their claims and some more. The place is fabulous!

Rating : 5 Stars

Economy : $$$

A meal for the two of us (excl dessert) was around $60


Disclaimer : this post is not sponsored. We paid for our food and all opinions expressed are our own. 


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