Maami Eats – a new feature

Maami Eats_3

My husband loves food as long as there’s some chicken in it. But me? I am a fussy eater with double standards.

Egg – no!

Cake – okay

Vegetarian – YES!

I even ask the pizza guys if they use different knives to cut the pizzas. All the local pizza guys know this when I walk in and smile (smirk) at me 🙂

Mushroom – NO WAY! I have a terrible allergy

Broccoli, Beans, Tomatoes, Potatoes etc – Yes 😦

Desserts – YES! YES! YES!

Oh! In case it’s not clear I love restaurants, cafes, fine dining and everything that comes along with it. Details right from making the reservation, fussing over the menu and the dressing up to the bill payment and later reminiscing how it was. So you can be assured I will try every possible vegetarian combo wherever I go apart from what my husband tries!

Maami Eats will feature reviews of the places I have visited/will visit…you get the drift 🙂


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