Time's a tickin'

Time’s a tickin’

Oh! Its been so long, this blog baby of mine is one neglected chica! Sorry bubs! Didn’t mean to, life happened 🙂

Life did happen, a lot of things at one go

  • I and Hubs celebrated our first anniversary for a week. No…no….you didn’t hear me wrong…we celebrated one day’s happiness for a week….and pray to have it all through our lives
  • We had an awesome vacation at Hepburn
  • We had another awesome inner city getaway at Grand Hyatt
  • I have been cooking almost everyday, cleaning everyday, watering the plants every alternate day…well….that’s what I meant by life getting in the way!
  • Apart from the boring everyday dal-chawal (more like anna, saaru, palya) I tried some dishes. Some were a hit, some were a failure. So more posts for Maami Cooks
  • Oh! I attended my first cruise party. It was fun!
  • I miss my family everyday! Sigh!

How’s everything else? Tomorrow is Deepavali here….ready for the festival of lights?

Image source : here

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