The onset of August always means a quick flurry of festivals for me. Ticking off with Bheemana amavasya (south Indian karva chauth) and right up to Gowri-Ganesha, its time for family, fun, food and prayers. Rakshabandhan creeped up on us and we had to make arrangements overnight. I offered to make quick rakhis for my SIL to tie to my husband and I made one for my niece. She wants in on all the action and I love seeing her face when some action’s on! It’s alight with curiosity!

I initially started with a quilled rakhi, but then they didn’t turn out quite well. The finish was just off and I don’t like doing that. I am still in my pom-pom making crazy phase, trying to rustle up a garland for my room. ANd it hit me that I could make wollen rakhis. This is how they turned out. Pretty please with it, even if I say so myself!

Next up are Arishina-Kumkuma cups/boxes for distribution during the Varamahalakshmi and Gowri-Ganesha habba!


Rakhi 2

My husband, me & the niece. She loves making faces when we click pictures. She’s cute!


Was trying to get their rakhi-ed hands in one picture, did I succeed?


Star centre-ed rakhi for my niece


For my husband, by his sister

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