My grandma – a woman I admire

I have been slacking off on this space for the last few days. Weeks maybe? Reason : my grandma is unwell.

My grandma is in India and she’s currently my only living grandparent. She’s the one I have had numerous conversations, fights and memories with. She’s been there as a strong pillar of support when I failed an exam, my father died or when I was just upset. She filled us up with stories about Jhansi ki Rani Laxmi Bai and Kittur Rani Chenamma with such enthusiasm that I’ll never forget either the stories or the way her eyes lit up when we discussed them.

She taught me how to think of the consequences before my actions. She taught me perseverance, patience – 2 things I am still learning. She taught me that to have a happy life, we need to be good managers at home. She taught me about shelling peas the right way and rounding up kodubale (a savoury Indian snack made of wheat and spices) in a perfect circle. She taught me that we don’t need 12 dishes to make a sumptuous meal, 1-2 would be enough with loads of love.

From where I stand, I can see her smile at her children’s achievements. Laugh out loud with her grandchildren. Be proud of us – grandchildren and in the same breath remember my grandfather who she misses on happy occasions. Chastise my parents when they indulged us too much. Chastise me when I binged.

God, I wish she’s recovered fully and soon. When I go back to India this December for a visit, I want to see her sitting in her chair and smiling at me, telling me softly that she’s happy to see me but I have to return to my home – that’s with my husband and not to eat junk!

Please help me God!

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