In my closet : African themed necklace



Oh! This piece of necklace is serious drool-balls! Does that sound ewww? Maybe! But then it totally is drool worthy! Absolutely! Definitely! Well..okay…you get the picture! I have a this totally hot-shot-older-sister and she’s one of the 3 best older sisters I have! On one of her trips to Mauritius she got this African themed necklace for my younger sister and a black+white combo one (coming up sooooon) for me. My younger sis, the darling that she is, asked me to take it with me when I shifted to Melbourne. Since my arrival, I have worn this a few dozen times. And it has ALWAYS turned heads. ALWAYS.

One of my OOTD below, with the necklace. Not the best picture, but something that’ll give you an idea as to what the complete piece looks like. This is one of those pieces I totally treasure! I have the best sisters in the world!


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