DIY : Gift tags

Gift tags…those 3X4 cards that announces the person giving you the gift once memory has lost it in its depths 🙂 Do we pay any importance to it at all? Not really, but we should isn’t it? I’d say a resounding yes YES! AND…it has my name there, I better make that special! 🙂

With Pinterest, DIY blogs crowding our everyday lives, we have no dearth for ideas. Therefore I’d be loathe to gift something DIY, that has my persona’s stamp on it! (Psst : to those who received store-bought ones, sorry. I won’t do that the next time, pinkie promise)

I made these for my SIL & BIL’s wedding anniversary presents, not too crafty but for beginners this is pretty. Take a look 🙂

A's flower tag

Flower for A

a closer look

a closer look

SIL's bow

SIL’s bow 🙂

BIL's origami pink tie

Origami pink tie for the BIL


Would you like a DIY on these?


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