2 States – what went wrong for me?

2 States was one great AMAZING novel! – Check

Chetan Bhagat’s love story captured the nation – Check

Had to be made into a movie – Check

Well…so far so good! Enter the cast :

Arjun Kapoor – 🙂

Alia Bhatt – 🙂

Achint Kaur, Revathi, Amritha Singh, Ronit Roy & Shiv Kumar Subramaniam – 😀


I was excited to see the movie. I dragged my zero-bollywood-knowledge-ed husband also to the theatres to see Chetan Bhagat’s eloquent story on the big screen. The overall movie was brilliant! But…I came away with a tingling feeling that Alia Bhatt’s styling was off. My tamilian sensibilities were offended, I am not sure if that’s how Anusha (Chetan’s wife, on whom the character is based) truly was, but the movie being a depiction of the differences between the Tamils & the Punjabis missed out on certain nuances that make a Tamil’s way of life. It’s in their blood stream.

PS : I am in no way an expert on the customs or traditions, these are only an opinion, based on my own experience.

1. Bindi/pottu – Now, I had a strict tamil upbringing, my mother wouldn’t let me get out of the bedroom without a small tilak/pottu on my forehead. As a character potraying a tamilian, I wished she’d more prominent ones and not the gundu-suji ones…and certainly not black! She’d have looked so cute with them isn’t it?

Yes, I went through a phase where I didn’t do want to wear it. College life was okay, the kurtis and the skirts didn’t call for it.

The traditional scenes certainly needed it. Some had it, some didn’t. Or the main poster, that was a BIG miss 😦Fotor0619124737

She looked uber cute in the ones she had the pottu, check this out!



2. Jewellery – have you seen traditional temple jewellery? It’s elegant and beautiful beyond words. I can’t tell you enough. What was with Revathy and Alia’s jewellery? Why oh, why couldn’t they get their hands on some traditional temple jewellery? Almost all tamils have one piece of the temple style jewellery in their trousseau. The biggest miss was in Revathy’s styling for the poster and Alia-Arjun’s marriage. Wouldn’t even a one of these pieces made more sense and looked ethereal?

Source : Arnav website

Source : Arnav website

What’s with her wedding jewellery? Was it supposed to portray some sort of fusion? The earrings are kundan, with the necklace and the layering is all wrong, it looks like she’s choking on the 2 of them.

Why couldn’t they have looked into these details? The kundan ear rings don’t match the kaasu maalai necklace. I have no idea what’s with the maang-tikka. Basically it looks like something you’d put while running out the door. Why couldn’t they get a nice chutti? And again, one boob show 😦 😕 😥



3. One boob show – pottu and jewellery aside, what’s with the one boob show? Almost every frame that she’s wearing a saree, she seems to have the saree tugged slightly below the boob? Who does that really? (I wouldn’t and neither should you)


I am sure a lot of people consider these minor, but aren’t you portraying a person here? With strong tamil values? Isn’t that what the movie is about? How the tamil+punjabi culture merge to make a beautiful Indian couple? That’s what our lives are about. And that’s what would have made the movie a better experience for me! You are portraying a real, live character that has some nuances, use it to your advantage. These might be minor glitches, but it gave me a weird feeling in the pit of my stomach.


Apart from this, I love the movie. Alia, Arjun, the director and the man behind this novel – Chetan Bhagat.


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