Quintet of Radiance Award


quintet of radiance

On the heels of  the Leibster Award, came this unexpected gem. The Leibster Award AND the Quintet of Radiance Award were tagged by the effervescent Madh from Effloresce…thanks & hugs!


  1. Display the logo in the post
  2. Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back
  3. Using the english alphabets describe yourself in a word or a phrase
  4. Nominate few bloggers

My nominations 🙂

  1. Nisha from Nisha The Food Artist
  2. Jayashree from Bombemane
  3. Arthi from A-Shopaholic
  4. Supria from Sushy loves Blush
  5. Bhuvana from Scribble Crazy

On to A-Z of Vaishnavi…hmmm

A – Affectionate, non-adventurous

B – Beautiful 🙂

C – Creative, curious, curator (huh!!) 😀

D – Devilish (sometimes), divine (always…sometimes)

E – Efficient

F – Friendly, faithful, fabulous

G – Grumpy…make that verryyyy grumpy

H – Happy, hands-on

I – Irritable. insistent

J – Jolly good is that even a word?

K – Kind

L – Late (sometimes), lazy (always) 😉

M – Moody…oh I said that already. Married? Maami?

N – Nosy (esp in my lil sis’s business)

O – Overtly irritable/moody sometimes

P – Pessimistic, pragmatic

Q – Quaint

R – Restless (certainly)

S – Sweet

T – Temptress (ROFL) 😀 😀 😀

“of chocolates, you dirty mind”

U – Uber cool (my friends call me Heppu, derived from the word “hep”)

V – Vaishnavi, Vivacious 😀

W – Wedded, wow, wary

X – Xenoin  this is a cartoon, I used to love that in my teens 🙂

Y – Yappy (meaning : talkative)

Z – ZAftig (meaning : full-sized shapely woman), zesty & zealous


Phew…at last! That wasn’t easy folks…but you’ll have fun and learn new words in the process 🙂



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