Mini review : Clinique 3 step & Olay Pro-X

Oops! that doesn't look right, does it?

Oops! that doesn’t look right, does it?

Mini reviews are succinct and best – says em…me? Yeah….”me”. I love reading long posts about how you opened the cover, sniffed the goods, laid it out beautifully blah…blah…blah but the point of the review – experience – gets lost sometimes. And I dont/may not have the patience to go through the 1000-word review. I need quick reviews, because I am 3 people away from billing the item at Priceline or something 😀

So, mini-reviews help!

image (1)

Step 1 : Cleanser – a mild cleanser with a strong smell of alcohol. When I first started to use, it stung a bit. Because I was using good-old besan on my face everyday until then. 15 days later, its fine. But I miss my besan powder 😦

Step 2 : Toner – pretty bottle, no spray or pump. I wish it was a spray bottle. And again, it stung. Smells very like alcohol 😦 But does an amazing job at toning. I can clearly see it on the cotton pad after swiping it on my face.

Step 3 : Moisturiser – THE BEST THING EVVVVERRRR!! Totally! The BEST thing ever. Moisturises and is light. Love the smell too. Buy it, pronto! My HG moisturiser if I can think of sparing $40 bucks next month 😉 But I think I will forget about the cakes n ice cream for 2 weeks and buy this. Totally worth the sacrifice 🙂

Bonus product? Why is that so?

I use this Olay Pro-X thingamajig while cleansing. Since it’s part of the wash-face routine, I thought I’ll review it along with the Clinique kit 😀

image (2)

  1. Good product
  2. Love the feel on my neck & skin after the face wash
  3. Very economical compared to THE Clarisonic Mia – Olay’s Pro-X is priced at $25 along with a tube of cleanser
  4. Has 2 controls, fast and slow. I usethe fast on the neck area and slow near the delicate areas – under eye especially
  5. The brush head might need to be replaced, it’s starting to scratch my skin a teeny-weeny bit after 3 months of use (ouch!)

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