Will.I.Am’s new song – It’s my birthday

I watch this show – The Voice Australia – because my whole family does. Apart from Kylie’s 40-going-0n-25 act and Will.I.Am’s golden bow…I like watching it. So I know a bit about Will.I.Am now…for the uninitiated…he’s a singer, song writer & producer with a golden bow upon his person most times. Yeah, absolutely golden. See below

Source : Google

Source : Google

Now…Hubby & I were driving on sunday to buy groceries and his latest song with Cody Wise (what..wise??) – It’s my birthday – is playing on the radio. After the 1st line, I scream – plagiarism!!!!! Why? Because the music is an exact replica of AR Rahman’s old hit – Urvashi Urvashi. Now I am a HUGE AR Rahman fan! I was outraged. My husband was amused and liked the tone of the music.

Reality hit, with the kind of internet connectivity someone like Will.I.Am wouldn’t have just replicated the music. Golden bow not withstanding 🙂

Wikipedia – my guide, friend, philosopher tells me AR Rahman co-wrote this song and it is inspired from his Urvashi Urvashi song. It’s alright now, I like Will.I.Am’s take on the song too.

Listen to both of the songs below

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