Steal : White and blue shoes

The pleasure of a steal is intrinsically linked to the satisfaction of watching someone drooollll (ew!) over my sheer genius purchase!

*so selfish*

When I stumble…like totally stumble upon “steals” I go ga-ga, don’t stop talking or obsessing over it until my husband says the 3 magical words – “go, buy it!”. Then I flash him a 1000-watt smile that he fell in love with and flash my card after grabbing buying the said “steal”.

When we went to Target @ Hopper’s Crossing last weekend to buy warm clothing, (winter is here…brrr) I glanced over the shoes section.

So this is Australia, the average shoe size is 8-12 as against my miniature 5 😦 and I was prepared to be disappointed, only lusting after the cute ones here. But what do I see?

Holy toledo! I rub my eyes and see my dream-worthy white-with-tiny-blue-stripes shoes. A bit of background, I am not an advocate of wearing  black shoes with blue jeans, no-no that’s a fashion faux pas in my books.

So what do I do when I find this? Turn the price tag ever so slightly to check the price. I swooooonnnn…it’s $5. I pinch myself, it’s $5 and its a size 5. I grab and run to the till. I have my card ready to paypass. The SA smiles and says $4. I am thinking in my head “is she nuts?” and smile and buy it!  I check the receipt and then realise there’s a 20% reduction on the $5 price. Ahh! Bliss!!!

Then I went back to buying warm clothes 🙂


Am I not worth it?


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