OOTD – my first!

I have always been fascinated by the confidence of the bloggers with numerous OOTDs. One word that resonates with me when I see OOTD posts – CONFIDENCE. Totally admire them. Delving into details of the post, I have always been in awe of the way bloggers manage to pull an outfit together. The details, the accessories, the colors, the poses, the cameras or the cameraman/men. ooofff!!!

In Melbourne, time is something that I have plenty of. Between little cooking, very little housework *wink* that I do, I find myself thinking of matching my clothes into “outfits”. I’d love for a stranger to complement me on what I was wearing.

I also follow Supria at Sushy loves blush. Her pictures attracted me to the blog, they are so classy. Her OOTDs are so simple, so everyday life-like. Its what I’d normally wear to the movies, someone’s house for dinner or a day trip outside Melbourne.

So…long story short, posting my first OOTD. I’m still in doubt whether to do this or not. But? What’s life without the risks?? Here goes…

The pictures of this OOTD are from my iPhone camera, please excuse me this one time 🙂

Venue – Geelong beach 

Outfit details

Printed pants – Marks & Spencer (Bangalore, India)

Plain mint top – Marks & Spencer (Bangalore, India)

Bag – Charles & Keith (Kuala Lumpur airport)

Shades (on my head) – Accessorize (Delhi, India)


Can you see?



A bit closer?




Here it is

Tadaa! I’m done. Tell me what you think! Should I post more? (with a better camera/pictures, I promise!)


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