Guest Room Essentials


Am I kidding? Don’t we have like a gazillion such posts? Oh yeah, we do. But its never a bad thing to repeat a good thing, isn’t it?

My quick essentials!


1. A good bed…he he! I am kidding…its a GOOD cover. If it’s new, its the best! Don’t want guests to see my late-night chocolate indulgence stains huh? Including extra pillows and an extra cover will certainly help.

2. A bedside table – well, of course! Where else would I drop my watch, jewelry, phone, camera, sunglasses et all?

3. An armoire – not everyone can, but helps a guest stash away some of their possessions, that are frequently thumbed. Files, travel docs, gifts (sigh!) or purchases

4. Another side table – farther away from the bed. Erm, for water (so you don’t knock & spill in sleep), alarm clock (you do know why this is FARTHER away huh) or any other knick knacks!

5. A multi-plug connector – who travels without phone, tablet or laptop? Give them a multi-plug and get more love!

6. A bowl of snacks (not in picture) – oh! how I love anyone who does this! Not many understand my 1-AM cravings, I really appreciate not having to ask you at that hour or not potting around your kitchen looking for supplies.

What do I stock? The guest in question is my mother & my aunt. My mom is diabetic and my aunt has a sweet tooth. I have a packet of salted peanuts, a small box of biscuits and a box of raisins. For young visitors, include some sugar-free candy. A box of mint helps too

Smiles also please! All the time!

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