Visiting : Yarra Valley Chocolate Factory

Chocolate enriched indeed!

During the 26th January long weekend we decided we had to do something…something other than visiting a friend/attending a party/being invited for food/having someone over! Believe me, I love hosting and after coming to Mebourne I have met some really nice and interesting people, but my husband & I wanted a break from it for a weekend. My parents-in-law had work at Ikea and although I love…LOVE….that place my husband wasn’t up for spending a day at the store.

So off we went…to the Yarra Valley Chocolate Factory…what better place for a choco-addict?

We packed up a picnic of carrot sticks, dip (want the recipe?) and some yumm gnocci pasta…to feast on chocolates & ice cream!

The dip was total yummm! And this beats chips anyday!

My FIL is a genius in turning gnocci into a yumm pasta….check below πŸ™‚

Gnocci Pasta

The ride to the Factory was about 1 hour and 30 minutes for us. It was a bright sunny day…and we made the most of my husband’s sun-top πŸ™‚ The landscape of the place changes right in front of your eyes…from blocks of houses to farms…green and greener…to farms with animals….and then wineries as you enter the Yarra Valley region. The transformation of the place is breathtaking and worth a visit.


I’m mesmerized but looks more like annoyed…but seriously mesmerized!


A glass panel seperated us from the manufacturing unit but I was more focused on the chocolate goodies on sale. We picked up caramel fudge and a small box 6 chocolate truffles. We also snacked on ice cream and loved every inch of the trip.

Some pictures for you






Yummmm…aren’t they?

If you are in the vicinity, don’t miss going here. Wine aficionados can also stop off at the numerous wineries dotting the route!

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