Nameplates – a super quick DIY


I always wanted a sit down reception at my wedding. Ever since I was asked to stand & collect gifts at my aunt’s wedding in 1994. We attended a Christian sit-down dinner reception for my father’s colleague soon after, the whole idea just bowled me over. When we planned our Indian wedding, we listed 500 guests and obviously it was IMPOSSIBLE to do a sit-down dinner reception. We ended up with a typical bride & groom on stage for 6 hours – smile until the jaws ache – shake hand – nod head – drop down tired reception.

I arrived in Melbourne…and things were different. My PILs hosted a reception to introduce us…for 70 of their guests! Sit-down dinner….here I come. PILs weren’t too fond of the nameplate concept….but I persuaded and here’s what I did.

Things you need

a. Card paper – we bought a 2 sided glittery white card stock kit

b. Clips – we picked a peach/honey coloured star and heart shaped ones

c. Scissors – I didn’t have any, so I bought a set of these fancy ones. You can just use plain ones if you want

d. Glittery Hearts – aren’t they gorgeous?


a. Cut the card stock into 2 pieces from this one. Officeworks also has the single sided ones but no glitters, it looks a lot like cards

2 sided glittery card stock


b. Trim the edges with fancy scissors (optional step)


c. Attach the glittery hearts on the cards




d. Pen the names and clip them on to glasses or the name holders


Don’t they look cool? I loved the end result!

Other uses for this:

a. Instead of the clips, you can have children use them crayons & sharpies to pen down personalised cards – name plates or thank you cards

b. Print the names. I love writing…but if your handwriting looks like a pair of chickens walked over….print them

Do you have any other ideas? Do let me know in the comments!

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