A green thumb – new development


This one bloomed in my garden and looks so perfect that I had to post it!

I had never been a flower person, even during my teens. I remember having a rose shrub in the small muddy patch in front of our house….that bloomed really beautiful, baby pink roses. One fine year, my aunt got it out of the way. My mother loves kitchen gardens, growing herbs, cherry tomatoes etc. But having lived in apartments, we never had the space or the patience for it. Obviously I grew without a green thumb.

When I moved to my in-laws house 2 months ago, I never imagined what a big role gardens play in our lives. My MIL has a HUGE garden (apparently its not HUGE by any standards in Australia) but to my concrete eyes it looks pretty good. She grows a veggies, lemons, apples, apricots (what??), grapes and flowers. Roses in all shapes and colors bloom so well in her garden that I am spoilt for choice. I generally have a huge selection of these in small & big vases all around the house and the room.

We’ve a mini-maple tree too

In the same vein, she grows red lilies. I, for one, had never seen them. Neither did I realize how sweet the scent is. With the news of a heat wave, we cut the lilies and she asked me to put it on my bedside stand. The sweet aroma lingered for 4 days and now I am hooked. Too bad they bloom once a year.

Oh! Lilies that stole my heart

Whenever possible, I go out and search for flowers that I can cut and use around the house. She’s asked me to tend to one part of the garden with whatever plants I want. I can just see a flower patch with a garden gnome to look after 🙂 

Pic cards are more personalised & beautiful now


10 thoughts on “A green thumb – new development

    • Uh oh!! I am sorry about that…but try a patch garden on your window sill. My MIL loves them so much that she’s planters hanging off the curtain rods, bathrooms and one near our sink as well 🙂 Makes a nice little green nook for sure


    • Ahh!! Don’t worry! My MIL says in her 12-13 years of gardening she’s managed to kill a few precious ones. There are the survivors. In fact, she’s the one who’s tending to them most times….when it won’t rain, when we have a heat wave…etc.


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