Where do I start?

- Elaine Maxwell

– Elaine Maxwell

…and so believes Vaishnavi, me. I have lived life with the motto – you can bring me down a notch but I don’t need you to climb up!

Why “Maami in Melbourne”?

My roots are from this small village near Trichy in India called Musiri. Like in most of Tamil Nadu the people address all the married women “maami”. That popped in my head when I was thinking of starting a blog. Another inspiration is “Lady Melbourne”, a very famous and wonderful blog. I added my own desi touch and came up with my blog’s moniker!

Where do I start?

I’ll tell you how I met my husband…quite a feat it was and how I came to Melbourne, peppered with stories of my honeymoon, purchases, products I am using, my first burnt dhal and bhindi palya etc

So visit and enjoi!!

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